plazma photo by Kinsley Cuen

The Staple of Serbia

by Kinsley Cuen SIT Spring 2019 Elon University Belgrade — With its iconic red and white labeling and frequent appearances on billboards and menus alike, it is hard to avoid an encounter with the crunchy treat, Plazma, while eating your way through Serbia. Plazma, a small, crispy biscuit, can be found within a number of …

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zeleni venac market Paul Rochford

A Refreshing Tradition: The Green Markets of Belgrade

by Paul Rochford SIT Spring 2019 Georgetown University BELGRADE – Long sections of green fence surround rows of tables brightly decorated with hundreds of varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, and cheeses. Zeleni Venac, one of about thirty outdoor “green markets” in the city of Belgrade, is a unique landmark of the city’s food culture. …

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Belgrade’s Best Beans

Belgrade’s Best Beans

by Monica Starr SIT Fall 2018 Denison University BELGRADE – In Belgrade’s historic Vracar district, on lively Njegoseva street, one can find Zrno, a local kafic, or modern coffee house. Zrno, meaning bean in Serbian, balances modern brass lamps with artful canvases made of industrial coffee bean bags. Small groups of people chat and smoke …

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A Serbian Dish Spanning Generations

By Sonja Borgmann SIT Fall 2018 Carleton College Belgrade – At Kalenic restaurant in the historic Vracar neighborhood, one can sample traditional Serbian Karadjordjeva snicla—a stuffed fried pork dish that is also a reminder of Serbia’s past with foreign occupations. According to 41-year-old Maja Frankovic, a local Belgradian art conservator, Kalenic is the best choice …

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Finding Serbia’s Meatless Cuisine

Finding Serbia’s Meatless Cuisine

by Sophia Tulp SIT Spring 2018 Ithaca College BELGRADE — As Karadjordjeva street merges into Pariska, at the edge of Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Park with its millennia-old fortress, a hidden restaurant sits on the other side of a graffiti-covered apartment building that has seen better days. Inside, chefs take creative liberty, creating vegetarian food in a …

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The Liquor of Fruit and Fire

by Finnian James SIT Spring 2017 Lake Forest College BELGRADE, Serbs will tell you, rakija (rakiya) puts all other liquor to shame. Many love this fierce potion as much as they fear it – and with good reason as it can easily reach 65 percent alcohol content. Rakia tastes sweet and burns your throat with …

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Serbia’s Pride Served With Fries

by Bernardo Reyes Facio SIT Fall 2016 Lake Forest College BELGRADE, The restaurant “Stari Beograd“, Serbian for “Old Belgrade,” is a gem for food lovers hidden in East Belgrade. Decades-old editions of “Politika”, the oldest newspaper in Serbia, are posted on the restaurant walls, bearing headlines like ‘Great Yugoslavia’ and ‘The Year of the Reform.’ …

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Ajvar: Spreading the Love

by Alexis Traussi SIT Spring 2016 Skidmore College BELGRADE, On the shelves of any Serbian refrigerator sits one of the brightest condiment you’ve ever seen: ajvar. Fire-red, like the dwindling end of a cigarette, it catches your attention immediately. Ajvar has such an intense color that it seems almost too spicy or too artificial to …

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Picking My Way Through the Pijaca

by Hayley Schultz SIT Spring 2016 Hope College BELGRADE, I enter a side entrance of Kalenic market to find myself among fur coats and assortments of high heels. My boots “click-clack” on the uneven cobblestones as I make my way towards the food stands. Serbian music plays on the radio. People continue shopping as a light …

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