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Researching Balkans is the work of students from the SIT Balkans Peace and Conflict Studies program. Our students cover the scenes, people and issues of this challenging region throughout their semester in Belgrade. Researching Balkans collects the best of their work with the aim of becoming a repository of insightful and thoughtful research on the Balkans.
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Published Stories

The Guardian | Blocked in the Balkans: the refugees that Europe won’t allow in

This story was first published in The Guardian on August 8, 2017. by Finnian James SIT Spring 2017 Lake Forest College When the Faqirzada family set …

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The Guardian | Come together: how music is rebuilding bridges in divided Balkans

This story was first published in The Guardian on March 16, 2018. by Gillian Dohrn SIT Fall 2017 Colorado College A rock school unites youngsters from both …

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Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo: Paul Rochford

Balkan Insight | Taking Bosnia’s Constitution to Court – an Unfinished Fight

Bosnia’s elites have ignored a stream of European court rulings ordering the country to make its constitution less discriminatory – but those struggling for a citizen- based state have not given up.

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